Hector Beverages - Paper Boat

Bangalore Karnataka
Hello! We are Hector Beverages. With a ladleful of passion, tempered with honesty, an ounce of creativity & a generous sprinkle of excitement, we started off in 2009. We bring quality drinks, which quench thirst & make taste buds go ‘slurppp’. What we also promise with all our drinks is a magic power. Like Tzinga, our flagship energy drink that students and all-nighter urban animals swore by; Or Paper Boat, which brings a sunny smile and innocent memories, as you sip through these treasured recipes. Any drink can be made to taste good. Or feel nutritious. But how many drinks tell a story? Because when companies get together and dole out a drink to the parched populace, it’s practicality. But when history and geography conspire to make a drink favoured through the ages, that’s destiny. A culmination of efforts. Modified through trial and error. Perfected with every passing age. From a king’s royal cook to a soldier’s flask to a peace offering made by warring clans to a mother conjuring something special for her son’s return to a grand celebration of harvest. Everyone had something to contribute. And it’s their additions (and subtractions) that ultimately made their way into food carts in village fairs. And while we’ve all experienced the joy of tasting these drinks at these carts at one point or the other, we’ve also experienced the often awful gastronomical aftermath of these little joys. Our inspiration for Paper Boat lies in emulating these tastes and experiences standing tall on a benchmark of hygiene and safety. Getting the good moments out to you while avoiding the unpleasant bits. So go on ahead, make new memories. We’ll watch your back.