Gurugram Haryana India
Otipy helps the farmer to deliver farm fresh vegetables 🍅🥔& fruits 🍎🍇at your doorstep🚪. 1. ✔ 💯% Farm Fresh We received orders till 7 PM, and then convey the details to our 👨‍🌾 partner farmer. Our partner farmer does the harvesting as per the requirement and ensures all the vegetables and fruits are farm fresh, chemical-free, safe☑ to eat. Otipy partners 👥deliver fresh fruits and veggies at your doorstep on the very next morning. 2. ✔ Safe & Hygiene Employees are trained with the help of hand gloves, 😷🧤masks, etc. to maintain hygiene standards. Crates🛒 are dually washed with sanitizers and disinfectant after every single use to maintain safety and hygiene. 3. ✔ Eco – Friendly Packaging 📦 We say no to plastics and believe in eco-friendly packaging. The vegetables and fruits are packed with eco - friendly packaging so that it should be safe and proper when it gets delivered to you. The packaging materials used are natural, and it’s healthier overall for people. To order fresh fruits and vegetables, click the link below 👇and register with your store code. Android App : http://bit.ly/36VwrWZ Non-Android : http://bit.ly/2ubkAqv Call / Whatsapp 72919 98790