April3rd Foods

April3rd Foods is India's largest manufacturer and supplier of Handcrafted Frozen Momos since 2010

Electronic City, Bengaluru Karnataka
We began our journey in 2010 and set up a chain of 16 retail outlets. We used to make Momos in-house to sell them at our own retail outlets. We faced difficulties managing both the front-end retail operations and the back-end manufacturing operations. So, we decided to outsource Momos instead of making them in-house. While searching for manufacturers of Momos, we found few companies who were manufacturing machine made Momos, but machine made Momos were not as juicy and visually pleasing as handmade ones. We wanted to buy handcrafted frozen Momos, but suppliers were unorganized and couldn’t offer longer product shelf life due to poor food safety standards. ​ Lack of organized manufacturers for handcrafted frozen Momos in the market made us realize that there is an opportunity to become one. For over a decade, we have strived to be the solution to the problem we had faced. We started manufacturing handcrafted momos with a good shelf life and along the course of time started producing different flavors to meet the ever changing cravings of people. ​ Till date, we have experimented and successfully launched 24 different flavors, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Today, we are one of the very few companies in India that is solely focused on manufacturing of handcrafted frozen Momos at a large scale with HAACP food safety certification, supplying all over the country wat affordable prices.