Filled Milk Same As Recombined Milk

FOOD TECHNOLOGY (06/09/2021)

Q1.  ___________ Same As Recombined Milk Except That The Fat Is Derived From A Vegetable Source.

A. Vegetable Toned Milk
B. Soya Milk
C. Filled Milk
D. Imitation Milk

ANSWER – C. Filled Milk

  • Explanation – Filled Milk Is Any Milk, Cream, Or Skim Milk That Has Been Reconstituted With Fats From Sources Other Than Dairy Cows, Mainly Vegetable Oils. Ice Cream, Sour Cream, Whipped Cream, And Half-And-Half Alternatives Are Among The Dairy Products Made Using Filled Milk Products With Substituted Fat. Because Of Its Distinct Flavor, Pure Evaporated Filled Milk Is Normally Not Recommended For Drinking, Although It Is Equivalent To Unadulterated Evaporated Milk In Baking And Cooking.


Q2. __________ Should Contain A Minimum Of 3% Fat And 8.5% Solids Not Fat Content.

A. Reconstituted Milk
B. Toned Milk
C. Recombined Milk
D. Sterilized Milk

ANSWER: B. Toned Milk

  • Explanation: Toned Milk Is Whole Milk That Has Been Toned By Adding Water And Skim Milk Powder. For Its Manufacture, Whole Buffalo Milk Is Admixed With Reconstituted Spray-Dried Skim Milk. Toned Milk Should Have A Minimum Fat Level Of 3% And An 8.5 Percent Solids Content. Buffalo Milk Has A Fat Content Of Roughly 7-8 Percent, As Well As Calcium And 9-10 Percent Non-Fat Solids. The Amount Of Milk Accessible Is Roughly Tripled When The Fat Level Is Reduced To 3% Using The Toning Procedure.


Q3. Which Of The Following Has A Maximum Specific Gravity?

A. Water
B. Fat
C. Protein
D. Lactose

ANSWER – D. Lactose

  • Explanation- The Density Of Any Substance To The Density Of A Reference Substance (Water) At 4°C Is Known As Specific Gravity. When Water Is Added To Milk, The Specific Gravity Of The Milk Decreases. Normal Milk Has A Specific Gravity Of 1.028 To 1.032. The Specific Gravity Of Lactose Is 1.666, Followed By Protein (1.346), Water (1), And Fat  (0.93).


Q4. Proteins Are The Building Blocks Of?

A. Muscle Mass
B. Amino Acids
C. Bone Mass
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER: A. Muscle Mass

  • Explanation: Protein Is Commonly Referred To As A Muscle’s Building Block. Protein Is Made Up Of Amino Acids, Which Aid In The Growth, Maintenance, And Repair Of Various Human Tissues, Including Muscle. Although This Macronutrient Has Acquired The Distinction Of Being A Muscle-Building Component, Not All Proteins Are Made Equal In This Endeavor.


Q5. The ________ Are Two Spiral Bands Of Tissue That Suspend The Yolk In The Center Of The White (The Albumen).

A. Vitelline Membrane
B. Germinal Disc
C. Latebra
D. Chalaza

ANSWER – D. Chalaza

  • Explanation – The Chalaza Is Two Spiral Bands Of Tissue That Suspend The Yolk In The Center Of The White In Most Bird Eggs (Not Reptile Eggs) (The Albumen). The Chalaza Is A Pair Of Spring-Like Structures That Protrude From The Vitelline Membrane’s Equatorial Area Into The Albumen And Are Thought To Operate As Balancers, Keeping The Yolk In Place In The Deposited Egg.


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