FOOD SCIENCE (02/02/2021)

Q1. Which Of The Following Are Reasons For The Increasing Incidence Of Food-Borne Illness?

A} Increased Consumption Of Foods Imported From Foreign Countries

B} Increased Numbers Of Individuals Eating In Restaurants

C} Better Diagnosis By Physicians

D} All Of The Above

ANSWER – D} All Of The Above

  • As Technology Has Improved And People Are Starting To Consume More Food From Outside The Home The Food-Borne Illness Has Increased. As The Food Passes Through Many Hands And Places There Is A Increased Chance For The Illness.


Q2. Sugar And Salt Act As Preservatives By?

A} Killing Microorganisms Directly

B} Increasing The Water Content Of Food

C} Increasing The Acid Content Of The Food

 D} Binding Water So It Is Not Available For Microorganisms

ANSWER – D} Binding Water So It Is Not Available For Microorganisms

  • The Sugar And Salt Added To Food Reduce The Free Water Available In The Food Thereby, Reducing The Water Activity Of The Food That In Turn Prevents The Growth Of The Microorganisms.

Q3. Food Irradiation To Preserve Foods Is Dangerous And Outlawed By The Government?

 A. True

B. False

  • Food Irradiation (The Application Of Ionizing Radiation To Food) Is A Technology That Improves The Safety And Extends The Shelf Life Of Foods By Reducing Or Eliminating Microorganisms And Insects. Like Pasteurizing Milk And Canning Fruits And Vegetables, Irradiation Can Make Food Safer For The Consumer.

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Q4. Increasing The Acid Content Of A Food Is Effective In Preventing The Growth Of?

A} Clostridium Botulinum

B} Salmonella

C} Molds

D} Yeasts

ANSWER – A} Clostridium Botulinum

  • Clostridium Botulinum Is Sensitive To Acidic Environment And So Increasing The Acidic Content Of The Food Can Prevent Its Growth.

 Q5. In Aseptic Packaging, What Is Sterilized?

A} The Food Product

B} The Foodservice Worker’s Hands

C} The Packaging

D} A & C


  • Aseptic Packaging Is A Well-Accepted Technique For The Preservation Of Liquid And Particulate Foods. Sterilization Of Food Packaging Materials And Food Contact Surfaces Is Indispensable In The Aseptic Packaging System.


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