FOOD SCIENCE (10/12/2020)

Q1. The Term ‘Gustatory’ In Sensory Science Refers To The ?

A} Touch

B} Smell

C} Taste

D} All Of The Above

ANSWER – C} Taste

  • Gustation Is Also Known As The Taste.
  • Gustation Is One Of The Five Senses.
  • Gustation Is The Ability To Detect The Flavor Of A Given Substance Such As Food,  Poisons, And Other Materials.
  • Sense Of Taste And Smell Are Closely Related To Each Other.

Q2. Caffeine Content Of Coffea Arabica Is?

A} 0.5%

B} 2.2%

C} 4.4%

D} 1.2%

ANSWER – D} 1.2%

Coffea Arabica Is Having Double Caffeine Content I.E. 1.2% Than The Laurina Variety Which Is Having A Caffeine Content Of The 0.6%.

Q3. COB Test Is?

A} Clot On Boiling

B} Calorie Of Butter

C} Cream Of Butter

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – A} Clot On Boiling

  • COB Test Which Is Clot On Boiling Test Is A Very Simple And Fast Test To Measure The Stability Of The Milk For The Heat Treatment.
  • If Any Of The Samples Come Positive For The Test Then The Sample Would Be Rejected.

Q4. Which Of The Following Is Rich In The Lipids?

A} Mango

B} Sweet Orange

C} Avocado

D} Banana

ASNWER – C} Avocado

  • In Avocados, 77% Of The Calories Come From Fats Only As They Are So Rich In Fats.
  • The Major Fat Present In The Avocados Is Monounsaturated Fat.
  • Other Fats In Avocados Are Saturated Fat And Polyunsaturated Fat.

Q5. Fermented Cacao Beans Are Called As?

A} Ribs

B} Nibs

C} Dibs

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Nibs

  • Cocoa Beans Are Obtained From The Theobroma Cacao Tree.
  • Once The Cocoa Beans Are Harvested They Are Dried.
  • After The Drying, They Are Fermented And Cracked So That Cacao Nibs Can Be Obtained.
  • These Cacao Beans Can Either Be Roasted Or Not.
  • Unroasted Cacao Nibs Are Called Raw Cacao Nibs.

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