FOOD SCIENCE (19/01/2021)

Q1. In Oil In Water Emulsion Oil Is ?

A} Dispersed Phase

B} Continuous Phase

C} Solute

D} Solvent

Answer – A} Dispersed Phase.

Emulsions Are Of Two Types Oil In Water Emulsion And Water In Oil Emulsion . In Oil In Water Emulsion ,Oil Is The Dispersed Phase & Water Is Continuous Phase . In Water In Oil Emulsion , Water Is The Dispersed Phase And Oil Is The Continuous Phase.


Q2. Which Component Of Black Pepper Is Responsible For Its Bitterness?

A} Piperine

B} Peperaldehyde

C} Peperallic Acid

D} All Of The Above

Answer – A} Piperine Is Responsible For The Bitterness Of The Black Pepper. Piperine Has Various Health Benefits Mainly Against Chronic Diseases Such As Anti-Inflammatory Effects And Improvement Of Hepatic Steatosis .

Q3. Mysost Is The Product Prepared From …… ?

A} Wheat
B} Meat
C} Must
D} Whey

ANSWER – D} Whey

Mysost Is The Cheese Prepared From Whey (Whey Cheese), Which Is Common In Norway.


Q4. Kilning Is The Process Involved In?

A} Canning
B} Malting
C} Autoclaving
D} None Of The Above
ANSWER – B} Malting

Kilning Is The Heating Of Germinated Barley To Dry It And Develop Malty Biscuits Like Flavour.

Q5. Which One Of The Following Processes Don’t Involve Coagulation Of Any Food Substance?

A} Frying Chips
B} Making Yogurt
C} Whipping Cream
D} Boiling An Egg
ANSWER – A} Frying Chips

Coagulation Is Defined As The Change In The Structure Of The Protein (From A Liquid Form To Solid Or A Thicker Liquid) Brought About By Heat, Mechanical Action, Or Acids. When The Chips Fried At 130–140 °C Are Removed From The Oil At The Beginning Of Frying (Less Than 120 S) The Water Vapor In The Pores Condenses, And The Pressure Difference (ΔP = Pambient−Ppore) Drives The Oil Into The Product.


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