FOOD TECHNOLOGY (10/03/2021)

Q1. Which Of The Following Deals With How Food Is Adjudged By The Consumer?

A) Food Microbiology
B) Product Development
C) Sensory Analysis
D) Food Physics

ANSWER – C) Sensory Analysis

  • Sensory Analysis Deals With How The Food Is Adjudged By A Consumer. Sensory Analysis (Or Sensory Evaluation) Is A Scientific Discipline That Applies Principles Of Experimental Design And Statistical Analysis To The Use Of Human Senses (Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch And Hearing) For The Purposes Of Evaluating Consumer Products

Q2. Which Of The Following Does NOT Constitute 90% Of Dry Weight Of Any Food?

A) Carbohydrates
B) Fibers
C) Proteins
D) Fats

ANSWER – B) Fibers

  • Carbohydrates, Fats And Protein Constitute 90% Of Dry Weight Of Any Food.

Q3. Which Provides Energy Very Slowly?

A) Carbohydrates
B) Fats
C) Proteins
D) Fibers

ANSWER – B) Fats

  • Carbohydrates Provide Quick Energy. Proteins Are For Body Growth. Fibers Do Not Provide Energy As They Don’t Have Any Calorific Value. Hence, Fats Slowly Provide Energy.

Q4. With Respect To The Definition Of An Allied Industry, Which Is An Allied Industry With The Food Industry?

A) Explosives Industry
B) Packaging Industry
C) Jute Industry
D) Leather Industry

ANSWER – B) Packaging Industry

  • Non-Food Components And For Marketing Manufacturing Companies Are Called Allied Industries. The Packaging Industry Needed For Food Packaging Is One Of Them.

 Q5. Storage Requirements And Stability, Product Attributes Conductive To The Product Sale, Etc. The Above Activities Refer To Which Step Of The Food Industry?

A) Production
B) Manufacture
C) Distribution
D) Marketing

ANSWER – C) Distribution

  • Storage Requirements And Storage Stability, Product Attributes Conductive To Product Sale Etc Refer To Distribution Of Food Products

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