FOOD TECHNOLOGY (11/04/2021)

Q1. _____ Is An Important Solvent For Wet And Edible Materials?

A) Hexane
B) Acetone
C) Chloroform
D) All Of The Mentioned

Answer: (A) Hexane

  • Hexane Is Also An Important Solvent By Acetone Is Preferred When The Material Is Wet. Chloroform On The Other Hand Is NOT For Edible Purposes.


Q2. Using Hot Water For Decoction Followed By Spraying Drying Is The Procedure Used For Making Instant Coffee.

A) True
B) False

Answer: (A) True

  • Using Hot Water For Decoction Followed By Spraying Drying Is The Procedure Used For Making Instant Coffee. Liquid Coffee Is Sprayed In A Fine Mist Through Very Hot, Very Dry Air. By The Time The Coffee Droplets Land, They Have Dried Into A Powder. The Second Method Is Freeze-Drying, Where The Liquid Is Forced From The Frozen Coffee Through Chemical Sublimation.


Q3. Which Of The Following Is The Real Extraction Application Of Supercritical Fluid Extraction SCFE?

A) Cholesterol From Egg
B) Nicotine From Tobacco
C) All Of The Above
D) None Of The Mentioned

Answer: (C) All Of The Above

  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) Is A Method Of Extracting A Sample Utilizing The Unique Properties Of Supercritical Fluids. A Supercritical Fluid Diffuses Quickly As A Gas And Is Capable Of Dissolving Materials As A Liquid. Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Is Mainly Used. Both Of The Mentioned Are Real Extraction Applications Of SCFE.


Q4. Ratio Of Equilibrium Concentrations Of Solute A In Liquid Phase And Gas Phase I.E. CAL* And CAg* Respectively Is Α. Α Is Called _____?

A) Diffusion Coefficient
B) Distribution Coefficient
C) Mass Transfer Coefficient
D) None Of The Mentioned

Answer: (B) Distribution Coefficient

  • CAL*/CAg* = Α = Distribution Coefficient. A Partition Coefficient Or Distribution Coefficient Is The Ratio Of Concentrations Of A Compound In A Mixture Of Two Immiscible Solvents At Equilibrium. This Ratio Is Therefore A Comparison Of The Solubilities Of The Solute In These Two Liquids.

Q5. Which Of The Following Is NOT An Important Criteria For Crystal Formation?

A) Caking Characteristics Of The Crystal
B) Moisture Content
C) Shape
D) None Of The Mentioned

Answer: (D) None Of The Above

  • All The Mentioned Factors Are Important Criteria For The Formation Of Crystals. Attributes Of The Resulting Crystal Depend Largely On Factors Such As Temperature, Air Pressure, And In The Case Of Liquid Crystals, Time Of Fluid Evaporation.


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