FOOD TECHNOLOGY (19/06/2021)

Q1. What Is The Optimum Temperature For The Growth Of Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae)?

A. 18-20℃
B. 28-32℃
C. 40-48℃
D. 10-15℃

Answer: 28-32℃

  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, A Type Of Budding Yeast, Is Able To Ferment Sugar Into Carbon Dioxide And Alcohol And Is Commonly Used In The Baking And Brewing Industries. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Is A Top-Fermenting Organism, Whose Growth Is Optimal At 28–32◦C And Within The PH Range 4–5. Hence Leavening Of Dough Is Carried Out At That Temperature. The Optimum Temperature For The Growth Of Baker’s Yeast Is 28-32℃.


Q2. Which Amongst The Following Wines Are Known As “Sparkling Wines”?

A. Bordeaux
B. Rhone
C. Champagne
D. Loire

Answer: Champagne

  • Champagne Is The Famous Fizzy Wine Of France With Significant CO2 Levels Leading To Bubble Formation. EU Countries Legally Reserve That Term For Products Exclusively Produced In The Champagne Region Of France. In The Traditional (Classic) Method, The Second Fermentation Takes Place In A Bottle Where Sugars And Yeasts Are Added. This Method Produces Smaller Bubbles And Is Used When Making Champagne. In-Tank (Charmat) Method, The Second Fermentation Process Takes Place In A Large Steel Tank. This Process Helps To Create Larger Bubbles That Can Be Found In Sparkling Wines Like Prosecco.


Q3. Name The Major Fatty Acid Present In Cocoa Bean?

A. Oleic Acid
B. Stearic Acid
C. Palmitic Acid
D. All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above

  • The Main Constituent Of Cocoa Butter Is The Triglyceride (Fat) Derived From Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, And Oleic Acid. Nearly, 34% Oleic Acid, 33% Stearic Acid, 26% Palmitic Acid, And 6% Of Other Fatty Acids Are Present In Cocoa Butter That Forms 54% Proportion In Cocoa Beans.


Q4. Which Compound Is Responsible Of Almond Odor In Black Teas?

A. Linalool
B. Methyl Salicylate
C. Benzaldehyde
D. Hexanal

Answer: Benzaldehyde

  • Benzaldehyde Is An Aromatic Aldehyde Bearing A Single Formyl Group. It Is A Colorless Compound That Offers Fruity Flavor And Almond Odor In Black Teas. It Can Be Used As An Indicator For Identifying Black Tea Varieties With Almond Odors Because Of Its Relative Stability.


Q5. Cheddar Cheese Is A?

A. Hard Cheese
B. Semi Hard Cheese
C. Soft Cheese
D. Processed Cheese

Answer: Hard Cheese

  • Cheddar Is A Type Of Hard Cheese With The Moisture Of About 35%. It Is Relatively Hard, Off-White, And Sharp-Tasting. Cheddar, Colby, Friulano, Marble, Provolone, Gouda Are Some Of The Examples Of Hard Cheese. They Rich In Calcium And Vitamin A. Cow Milk Is Used As The Raw Material.


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