FOOD TECHNOLOGY (23/06/2021)

Q1. Mellorine Is A?

A. Imitation Meat
B. Imitation Dairy
C. Imitation Ice Cream
D. Imitation Chocolate

ANSWER- C. Imitation Ice Cream

  • Explanation– Mellorine Is An Imitation Of Ice Cream At A Lower Cost Which Is Made Using Animal Fat And Vegetable Fat Other Than Butterfat. Its Production Involves Freezing While Stirring, A Pasteurized Mix Of Milk-Derived Nonfat Solids, And Animal Or Vegetable Fat. Mellorine Is A Imitation Ice Cream.


Q2. Anisidine Value Is The Measure Of?

A. Fat Quality
B. Amount Of Cholesterol Present In The Egg.
C. Amount Of Lipoprotein Present In Milk
D. Amount Of Aflatoxin Present In Groundnut.

ANSWER: A. Fat Quality

  • Explanation: The Aldehyde Levels In Oils And Fats Especially Those That Are Unsaturated Can Be Measured By Anisidine Value(AV). For The Determination Of Anisidine Value, Oil Or Fat Solution In Iso-Octane Is Reacted With P-Anisidine In Glacial Acetic Acid To Form Yellowish Reaction Products.


Q3. Kreis Reagent Is?

A. Epinephrin
B. 2,4 Dinitro Phenylhydrazine
C. Phloroglucinol
D. Anisidine

ANSWER – C. Phloroglucinol

  • Explanation– In Kries Test, Auto-Oxidation Of Fatty Acids Double Bonds Occurs By Reacting With Molecular Oxygen Present In The Atmosphere, Causing The Formation Of Labile Peroxides.  These Initiate Chain Reactions Which Lead To The Decomposition Of The Fatty Acid Into Various Low-Molecular-Weight Aldehydes And Ketones. These Aldehydes And Ketones React With Phloroglucinol To Give A Pink Color.


Q4. Rancimat Method Measures?

A. Conductivity
B. Oxygen Pressure
C. Acidity

ANSWER: A. Conductivity

  • Explanation: The Rancimat Method Is Used To Measure The Conductivity Of The Volatile Compounds That Are Formed From Oxidation. To Determine The Induction Time Of Fats And Oils, This Method Has Been Developed As A Variant Of The Complex Active Oxygen Method System.


Q5. Molisch Test Is Used To Identify The Presence Of ____________?

A. Calcium
B. Carbohydrates
C. Copper
D. Cadmium

ANSWER – B. Carbohydrates

  • Explanation – The Presence Of Carbohydrates Can Be Identified Using Molisch’s Test Which Is Based On The Dehydration Of The Carbohydrate By Sulfuric Acid Or Hydrochloric Acid To Produce An Aldehyde, Which Condenses With Two Molecules Of Phenol, Producing A Violet Ring.


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