Q1. Cheese Containing High Calcium Level Are______ Than The Cheese With Low Levels Of Calcium?

A} Rigid

B} Elastic

C} Darker

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Elastic

Cheeses That Contain A High Level Of Calcium Are More Elastic Than Cheeses With Low Levels Of Calcium. Recently, It Has Been Proposed That The Solubilization Of Calcium During The Early Stages Of Cheddar Cheese Ripening Is A Key Step In The Initial Softening Of Its Texture. Overall, Mineral Salts Which Are In Milk Play A Key Role In The Coagulation Of Milk And Are Also Important In Controlling The Texture Of Cheese During Ripening.

Q2. Refined And Deodorized Oils Consists Of _______ % Of Triglycerides?

A} 48%

B} 68%

C} 88%

D} 98%

ANSWER- D} 98%.

For Understanding The Chemical Reactions And Physical Changes That Occur During The Storage Of Oils, And That Eventually Lead To Significant Changes In Their Sensory Characteristics And Texture. For It Is Necessary To Assume The Composition Of Oils And The Molecular Structure Of Their Main Constituents – The Triglycerides. Refined And Deodorized Oils Consist Of About 98% Triglycerides.

Q3. Protein Solubility In Water Or Dilute Salt Solutions Is _______ After Extrusion ?

A} Increases

B} Decreases

C} Remains The Same

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER- B} Decreases .

Several Changes In Proteins Occur During Extrusion, Denaturation Is Undoubtedly The Most Important.

Protein Solubility In Water Or Dilute Salt Solutions Most Probably Decreases After Extrusion. Although The Denaturation Of Proteins And The Loss Of Solubility Are Affected By Increased Barrel Temperature.

Q4. Tocopherols Are Of ________ Types ?

A} 2

B} 4

C} 6

D} 12


  • There Are Four Types Of Tocopherols, Differing In Their Degree Of Substitution On The Aromatic Ring.
  • The Fully Substituted D-Α-Tocopherol, Containing Three Methyl Groups On The Aromatic Ring, Is The Most Active Antioxidant In Vivo, But It Is Less Active In Vitro, I.E. In Bulk Oils.
  • The Double Methyl-Substituted Γ Or Β -Tocopherols Are More Active Antioxidants In Fats And Oils.
  • The Single Methyl-Substituted Δ -Tocopherol Has The Highest
    Antioxidant Activity In Fats And Oils.
  • Synergistic Effects Exist Between And Γ – Δ Tocopherols.

Q5. Acid Present In The Vitamin A Is?

A} Retinal

B} Propionic Acid

C} Retinoic Acid

D} Ascorbic Acid

ANSWER – C } Retinoic Acid

Vitamin A Is Alcohol With The Chemical Formula (C20H29OH). Vitamin A Has Been Named “Retinol” Because Of Its Specific Function In The Retina Of The Eye. The Metabolically Active Form Of Vitamin A Includes The Aldehyde (Retinal) And The Acid (Retinoic Acid).

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