Roquette launches new rice protein – Food Industry News | KATTUFOODTECH

Roquette launches new rice protein – Food Industry News

Company extends its NUTRALYS plant protein range to better address consumer demand for healthier food

Roquette launches new rice protein – Food Industry News

French firm Roquette, a worldwide forerunner in plant-based fixings and a trailblazer of plant proteins, has reported the send off of two rice proteins, a strong move that adds another natural beginning to its ongoing portfolio. With NUTRALYS rice protein, Roquette offers buyers a natural, protected and nutritious elective protein with premium quality and exclusive requirements of creation.

The rice protein by Roquette will be introduced interestingly during IFT FIRST occasion, July 10-13, in Chicago. This send off is another move toward the gathering’s obligation to foster another plant-based cooking that upholds better ways of life.

Rice protein is famous among wholesome applications like unique eating routine food sources, sports nourishment or bites. Item dispatches with rice protein rose at 20% CAGR north of 2017-2021, as per Innova Market Insights. A solid development is likewise predicted for dairy (+38% CAGR north of 2019-2021) and meat elective applications (+122% CAGR more than 2019-2021) as rice is a notable, natural element for exquisite food sources and pastries.

An overview led by Innova in 2020 shows that rice is the second favored protein elective for buyers. The new NUTRALYS rice protein range, made out of a rice protein segregate and a rice protein concentrate, will be most readily accessible in North America and in Europe.