Strong Flour Has Higher Water Absorption

FOOD TECHNOLOGY (18/08/2021)

Q1. Which Flour Has Higher Water Absorption?

A.  Weak Flour
B. Moderate Flour
C. Strong Flour
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER – C. Strong Flour

  • Explanation – Strong Flour Has Higher Water Absorption. Absorption Is The Amount Of Water Required To Enter The Farinograph Curve On The 500-Brabender Unit (BU) Line. This Relates To The Amount Of Water Needed For Flour To Be Optimally Processed Into End Products. Absorption Is Expressed As A Percentage. Strong Flour Has Higher Absorption Of More Than 58%.


Q2. Fat Content In Butter Is?

A. 98%
B. 88%
C. 82%
D. 72%

ANSWER: C. 82%

  • Explanation: 80–82 Percent Milk Fat, 16–17 Percent Water, And 1–2% Milk Solids Other Than Fat Make Up Commercial Butter. It May Contain Salt, Which Is Added To The Butter At A Concentration Of 1 To 2%. Reduced-Fat Butter, Sometimes Known As “Light” Butter, Typically Comprises About 40% Milkfat. Protein, Calcium, And Phosphorus (Approximately 1.2 Percent) Are Also Included In Butter, As Well As Fat-Soluble Vitamins A And D.


Q3. Fat Content Should Not Be Less Than 36% In The Case Of?

A. Heavy Whipping
B. Light Whipping
C. Single Cream
D. Plastic Or Extra Heavy Cream

ANSWER – A. Heavy Whipping

  • Explanation – Heavy Whipping Cream Is Heavy In Calories And Must Have A Minimum Fat Content Of 36%. Vitamin A, Choline, Calcium, And Phosphorus Are Among The Nutrients Found In It. Light Cream, Whipping Cream, And Half-And-Half, For Example, Are Lower In Fat Than Other Cream Products.


Q4. The Serum Is Also Called?

A. Whey Protein
B. Casein Micelles
C. Milk Plasma
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER – D. None Of The Above

  • Explanation- Serum Proteins, Also Known As Asseric Proteins, Solubles (Found In Whey), And Coagulable Casein Are The Two Types Of Milk Proteins. In The Aqueous Phase Of Milk, Serum Proteins, Unlike Casein, Are Soluble Molecules. -Lactalbumin, -Lactoglobulin, Bovine Albumin Serum, And Proteosis-Peptones Are The Four Primary Subgroups.


Q5. In Farinograaph, Peak Time Indicates?

A. Absorption Time
B. Dough Development Time
C. Stability Time
D.Mixing Tolerance Index

ANSWER: B. Dough Development Time

  • Explanation: Peak Time Refers To The Amount Of Time It Takes For The Dough To Develop From The Time It Is Introduced To The Time It Achieves Its Greatest Consistency. Under Regulated Settings, This Indicates The Ideal Mixing Time. The Duration Of The Peak Is Measured In Minutes. Strong Flour Takes A Long Time To Develop (4-8 Mins).


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