Sticky Rice Is Known As Sweet Rice

FOOD TECHNOLOGY (19/08/2021)

Q1. Which Rice Is Known As Sweet Rice?

A. Sticky Rice
B. Parboiled Rice
C. Polished Rice
D.Brown Rice

ANSWER: A. Sticky Rice

  • Explanation: Sticky Rice, Also Known As Sweet Rice Or Glutinous Rice, Is A Staple In Asian Cuisine. When Cooked, The Sticky, Gluelike Feel Of This Round-Grained Rice Is Readily Recognizable. Sticky Rice Is Sticky Due To The Whole Or Near Absence Of The Starch Amylose. Sticky Rice, Which Comes In Both Long And Short Grain Variants, Is Used In Both Sweet And Savory Chinese Cuisines And Is Usually Steamed.


Q2. The Protein Content Of Soybean Is?

A. 20%
B. 25%
C. 30%
D. 40%

ANSWER: D. 40%

  • Explanation: The Chemical Makeup Of Edible Pulse Seeds Varies According To The Species. Soy Is An Excellent Source Of Protein. It Is One Of The Few Plant Foods Known To Have All Of The Essential Amino Acids Found In Meat (The Other Being Amaranth Seed And, To A Lesser Extent, Quinoa). Soybean Seeds Contain Up To 40% Crude Protein And About 20% Fat.


Q3. ________ Is The Outermost Part Of The Pulse Seed And Covers Almost The Entire Seed Surface.

A. Hilium
B. Testa
C. Micropyle
D. Raphe

ANSWER- B. Testa

  • Explanation – The Testa Is The Seed’s Outermost Layer. The Embryonic Structure Remains After The Seed Coat Has Been Removed From The Grain. Two Cotyledons (Or Seed Leaves) Plus A Short Axis Above And Below Make Up The Pulse’s Embryonic Anatomy. The Cuticle Is The Seed Coat’s Outermost Layer, And It Can Be Smooth Or Rough.


Q4. Which Among The Following Does Not Come Under Dry Beans?

A. Black Beans
B. Kabuli Channa
C. Brown Lentils
D. Black Chickpeas

ANSWER – C. Brown Lentils

  • Explanation- Beans, Peas, And Lentils Are The Three Types Of Legumes. Beans Include Black Peas, Kabuli Channa, And Black Chickpeas, While Lentils Include Brown Lentils. The Legume Family Includes Lentils. They Have The Appearance Of A Small Bean, Grow In Pods, And Come In Red, Brown, Black, And Green Colors.


Q5. The Outer Layer Of The Endosperm In Rice Is Known As _________.

A.  Hull
B. Aleurone Layer
C. Embryo
D. Pericarp

ANSWER – B. Aleurone Layer

  • Explanation – The Aleurone Layer Completely Encircles The Rice Grain And The Embryo’s Exterior Surface. It Is Firmly Attached To The Starchy Endosperm’s Underlying Cells As Well As The Majority Of The Embryo. The Nucleus, Mitochondria, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Vesicles, And Plastids Are All Organelles Found In The Aleurone Layer.


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