FOOD SCIENCE (09/12/2020)

Q1. Major Bioactive Component Present In Chicory Is?

A} Caffeine

B} Trigonelline

C} Inulin

D} Xanthine

ANSWER – C} Inulin

  • Inulin Is A Polymer Of Fructose With Β-(2-1)-Glycosidic-Linkage, Which Accounts For Up To 68% Of The Total Compounds Present In Fresh Chicory Roots.
  • As A Prebiotic, Inulin Is Low In Calories And Dietary Fiber, Making It A Good Replacement For Sugar And An Ideal Component For Diabetic Nutrition.

Q2. Acid Which Is Mainly Responsible For The Acidic PH Of The Cocoa Fermentation?

A} Citric Acid

B} Tartaric Acid

C} Malic Acid

D} Acetic Acic

ANSWER – A} Citric Acid

  • The Cocoa Pulp Is A Rich Medium For Microbial Growth.
  • It Consists Of 82 To 87% Water, 10 To 15% Mono- And Disaccharides, 2 To 3% Pentosans, 1 To 3% Citric Acid, And 1 To 1.5% Pectin (20, 23).
  • Proteins, Free Amino Acids, Vitamins, And Minerals Are Present As Well.

Q3. Which Of The Following Is Used In Chewing Gums To Prevent Them From Absorbing Moisture?

A} Humectants

B} Texturizers

C} Fillers

D} Sugar

ANSWER – A} Humectants

  • Starch Is A Humectant For The Polymer.
  • Usually, Modified Starch Is Used, And It Is Applied On The Surface Of Scored Gum Sheets.
  • The Starch, With A Sugar Mix, Helps To Absorb Moisture In The Gum, Modifying Its Hardness.

Q4. Parboiling Process Is Associated With?

A} Wheat

B} Oat

C} Maize

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – D} None Of The Above

  • Parboiling Is The Process In Which Rice Is Partially Boiled Before The Milling Process For The Reduction Of Rice Breakage During The Milling Process, Increasing The Nutritional Content And The Texture Of The Cooked Rice.
  • The Main Steps In Parboiling Are –  Soaking, Steaming, And Drying.

Q5. Which Of The Following Pigment Is Water Soluble?

A} Bixin

B} Norbixin

C} Both A & B

D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Norbixin

Upon Exposure To Alkali, The Methyl Ester Is Hydrolyzed To Produce The Dicarboxylic Acid Norbixin, A WaterSoluble Derivative.

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