FOOD SCIENCE (12/12/2020)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is The Source Of The Phytoestrogens?

A} Coffee

B} Black And Green Tea

C} Soya

D} Apple

ANSWER – C} Soya

  • Soya Has A High Concentration Of Isoflavones, A Type Of Plant Estrogen (Phytoestrogen) That Is Similar In Function To Human Estrogen But With Much Weaker Effects.
  • Soya Isoflavones Can Bind To Estrogen Receptors In The Body And Cause Either Weak Estrogenic Or Anti-Estrogenic Activity.

Q2. Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Are ?

A} Effective Against Gram Negative Bacteria

B} Effective Against The Gram Positive Bacteria

C} Effective Against The Both Gram Positive And Gram Negative Bacteria

D} Not Effective Against Bacteria

ANSWER – B} Effective Against The Gram Positive Bacteria

  • Hops Are Also Known As The Humulus Lupulus.
  • Hops Have Proper Antimicrobial Properties Against GramPositive Bacteria.
  • Humulus Lupulus Have Negligible Activity Against GramNegative Bacteria.

Q3. Sonti Is?

A} Barley Beer

B} Ginger Beer

C} Wheat Beer

D} Rice Beer

ANSWER – D} Rice Beer

  • Sonti Is An Alcoholic Beverage Made Up Of Rice.
  • Sonti Was Originated From The India.
  • Sonti Is Made Much Like Sake And Is Similar To Wine In Its Alcohol Content And Use.

Q4. Lactose Is?

A} Monosaccharide

B} Disaccharide

C} Oligosaccharide

D} Polysaccharide

ANSWER – B} Disaccharide

  • Lactose Is A Major Disaccharide Present In Milk.
  • It Is Composed Of Two Simple Sugars, Glucose And Galactose.

Q5. Coenzymes Are ?

A} Carbohydrates

B} Protein

C} Vitamin

D} Fatty Acid

ANSWER – C} Vitamin

  • Coenzymes Are Organic Compounds Required By Many Enzymes For Catalytic Activity.
  • They Are Often Vitamins, Or Derivatives Of Vitamins.
  • Sometimes They Can Act As Catalysts In The Absence Of Enzymes, But Not So Effectively As In Conjunction With An Enzyme.

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