FOOD SCIENCE (28/12/2020)

Q1. Dubois Test Is Used For Estimation Of?

A} Protein
B} Vitamin D
C} Fat
D} Sugars

ANSWER – D} Sugars

  • Dubois Test Used To Determine The Sugar And Related Substance At Its Sub-Microlevel. Here Phenol And Sulphuric Acid Are Used As Reagents.

Q2. Which Among The Following Is A Trisaccharide?

A} Trehalose
B} Hemicellulose
C} Raffinose
D} Lactulose

ANSWER – C} Raffinose

  • Raffinose Is A Trisaccharide Consisting Of Glucose, Fructose, And Galactose, They Are Found In Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels, Sprouts, And Even In Grains And Pulses And Which Sometimes Cause Flatulence If Consumed In Large Quantities.

Q3. Vitamin K3 Is Also Called?

A} Phylloquinone
B} Menaquinone

C} Menadione
D} Ergocalciferol

ANSWER – C} Menadione

  • Vitamin K3 Also Called Menadione And Vitamin K1 And K2 Are Phylloquinone And Menaquinone Respectively And Vitamin K3 Is A Synthetic Form Of Vitamin K And K1 Is Of Plant Origin And That Of K2 Is Of Animal Origin And Especially It’s Produced By Intestinal Microflora(Intestinal Bacteria).

Q4. Cardiac Beriberi Is The Symptoms Of Which Of The Following Mycotoxin?

A} Patulin
B} Fumonisins
D} Citreoviridin

ANSWER – D} Citreoviridin

  • Cardiac Beriberi Is Due To Mycotoxin. Citreoviridin And Is Associated With Yellow Rice Diseases, Which Is Mainly Seen In Japan Association With Yellow Rice (Yellow Rice Is Contaminated Rice By Penicillium Citreo-Viride).

Q5 Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero Are The Common Type Of ?

A} Coffee
B} Cocoa
C} Tea
D} Ginger

ANSWER – B} Cocoa

  • Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero Are The Common Type Of Cocoa Species. Criollo And Forastero Are Of Spanish Origin And Trinitario Is Of Venezuelan Origin. Forastero Is Contributing 85-90% Of Total Cocoa Production.

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