FOOD TECHNOLOGY (09/05/2021)

Q1. Process Of Removal Of Skin/Hide From Carcass Of Animal?

A. Flaying
B. Evisceration
C. Singeing
D. Rendering

Answer – Flaying

  • Explanation: Flaying (Deskinning) Is Defined As The Removal Of Skin/Hide From A Carcass Of A Slaughtered Or Dead Animals. The Hide Is One Of The Precious Products Obtained From The Slaughter Of Animal Used For The Preparation Of Leather Goods. The Price Of Hide Depends Upon The Quality Of Hide. To Obtain Quality Product-Specific Scientific Methods Are Proposed To Avoid Unnecessary Cuts In Hide Which Reduces The Quality Of Hide.


Q2. Name The Disease In Swine, Whose Salient Symptoms Are In The Coordination Of Movement, Staggering?

A. Swine Fever
B. Swine Erysipelas
C. Gut Edema
D. Listeriosis

Answer – Gut Edema

  • Explanation: Edema Disease Is Characterized By Neurologic Signs, Including Incoordination, Poor Balance, Weakness, Tremors, And Convulsions. Hemolytic E. Coli Proliferates In The Small Intestine Subsequent To Dietary Changes And Produces A Heat-Labile Exotoxin Called The Edema Disease Principle.


Q3. Using What Type Of Enzymes Prevent The Haziness Of Beer?

A. Carbohydrase
B. Proteolytic Enzymes
C. Lipases
D. Oxidoreductases

Answer – Proteolytic Enzymes

Explanation: One Of The Problems In The Production Of Beer Is Haze In Beer. This Could Be Due To The Proliferation Of The Infecting Micro-Organisms In Beer Or To The Combination Of Proteins And Tannins In The Beer. Proteolytic Enzymes Can Successfully Prevent The Latter Type Of Haze. By Reducing The Size Of The Protein Molecules By Partial Hydrolysis, The Protein-Tannin Reaction Is Eliminated. The Enzymes Papain, Pepsin, Ficin, Bromelin, And Bacterial Proteases Are Used To Prevent Beer Haziness, The Most Commonly Used Enzyme Being Papain.


Q4: Alcoholic Beverage Distilled Directly From Fermented Sugarcane Products?

A. Wine
B. Whisky
C. Rum
D. Brandy

Answer – Rum

  • Explanation: Rum Is An Alcoholic Beverage Distilled Directly From Fermented Sugarcane Products, Such As Sugarcane Juice, Syrup, Or Molasses. The Rum Obtained By Distillation Is Stored In Either Charred, Plain, Or Reused Barrels Or Vats. Rum Readily Improves In Character And Flavor With Aging. After Aging, The Strength Of Alcohol Is Adjusted To 40 Percent And Bottled.


Q5. Expansion Of ISO?

A. International Standards Of Organization
B. International Safety Organization
C. International Organization Of Standards
D. International Organization Of Safety

Answer – International Organization Of Standards

  • Explanation: The International Organization For Standardization Is An International Standard-Setting Body Composed Of Representatives From Various National Standards Organizations. Founded On 23 February 1947, The Organization Promotes Worldwide Proprietary, Industrial, And Commercial Standards


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