FOOD TECHNOLOGY (19/02/2021)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is A Technique Applied To The Processing Of Fresh Meat?

(A) Chopping

(B) Protein Extraction

(C) Both A & B

(D) None Of The Above

ANSWER – (C) Both A & B

  • Methods Of Meat Processing Include Salting, Curing, Fermentation, And Smoking.Meat Processing Includes All The Processes That Change Fresh Meat With The Exception Of Simple Mechanical Processes Such As Cutting, Grinding Or Mixing.


Q2. Coated Meat Products Require?

(A) Breading

(B) Pre-Dusting

(C) Battering

(D) All Of The Above

ANSWER – (D) All Of The Above

All Three – Breading, Pre-Dusting And Battering Are Methods Of Making Coated Meat Products.

Q3. Certain Bacteria Are Added To Minced Meat Products. This Activity Is Followed By Dehydration. What Is This Activity Called?

(A) Fermentation

(B) Curing

(C) Freezing

(D) Coating

ANSWER – (A) Fermentation

  • Fermentation Is A Technique In Which Certain Bacteria Are Added To Minced Meat Products And Then Dehydrated. Meat Fermentation Is A Method For Improving The Keeping Qualities Of Perishable Meats. Some Of The Fermented Meat Products Are Sausage And Ham, Among Others.


Q4. When Meat Is Passed Through A Coarse Grinder Plate It Is Called?

(A) Chunking

(B) Flaking

(C) Restructured Meat Product

(D) Processed Meat

ANSWER – (A) Chunking

  • Chunking Is Accomplished By Passing The Meat Through A Coarse Grinder Plate Leading To A Decrease In The Particle Size Not Greater Than One And A Half-Inch Cubes.

Q5. Which Of The Following Is Responsible For A Musty Or Earthy Flavor?

(A) Actinomycetes

(B) Flavobacterium

(C) Both (A) And (B)

(D) Pseudomonas Syncyanea

ANSWER – (A) Actinomycetes

  • Actinomycetes Are Unicellular, Gram-Positive Bacteria That Belong To The Order Actinomycetales. Actinomycetes Are Found In Many Habitats, Such As Fresh Water, Sea- Water, Cold- And Warm-Blooded Animals, And Composts.


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