Q1. Ohmic Heating Is Also Called As ?

A} Thermal Induction

B} Pulsed Heating

C} Dielectric Heating

D} Electric Resistance Heating

ANSWER – D} Electric Resistance Heating

  • Ohmic Heating Is A Very Simple Process In It, An Electric Current Is Passed Through Food Or Any Other Material To Heat Them.
  • Ohmic Heating Is Called By Various Names Some Of Them Are Electroconductive Heating, Electroheating, Joule Heating, Electrical Resistance Heating.

Q2. Cream Separation Is Done By?

A} Centrifuging

B} Evaporation

C} Sedimentation

D} Crystallisation

ANSWER – A} Centrifuging

  • Centrifugation Is The Process By Which Cream Is Separated From The Milk. As The Machine Starts It Starts Rotating At High Speed, Which Causes The Cream To Get Separated From The Milk. So As The Cream Is Quite Lighter Than The Milk So It Starts Floating On The Surface.
  • So, This Is How Cream Gets Separated From The Milk.

Q3. Burr Mill Works On The Principle?

A} Centrifugal

B} Impact

C} Abrasive

D} Gravitational

ANSWER – C} Abrasive

  • Burr Mill Works On A Very Simple Principle, In It, Food Products Pass Through The Two Abrasive Surfaces, Whose Distance Is Being Managed By The Users So That The Desired Product Can Be Produced.
  • Burr Mill Has An Advantage That It Can Work In Both Forms In Manual As Well As In Electrical Way.

Q4. Starch Is Insoluble In?

A} Distilled Water

B} Hot Water

C} Cold Water

D} All Of The Above

ANSWER – C} Cold Water

  • Starch Is An Source Of The Energy For The Animals As It Provides Glucose.
  • Starch Has An Disadvantage As It’s Insoluble In The Cold Water.

Q5. Thermal Conductivity Of The Ice As Compared To Water Is?

A} Larger

B} Smaller

C} Equal

D} None Of The Above.

ANSWER -A} Larger

As Per Studies, Solids Do Have Higher Thermal Conductivity Than Liquids Due To The Difference In The Strength Of The Bonds Between The Solids And Liquids.

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