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Food Science & Technology Quiz (22-11-2021)

Q1. Japan has _______ flavors of the Kitkat.

  1. 50+
  2. 100+
  3. 200+
  4. 300+

ANSWER – 4. 300+

Q2. Full form of NOTS?

  1. Naturally Occurring Toxic substances
  2. No Observable Total Solids
  3. Naturally Occurring Total solids
  4. None of the above

ANSWER: A. Naturally Occurring Toxic substances

  • Explanation – Natural toxins, which are classed as Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances, can be found in a variety of foods (NOTS). These poisons might come from fungi or plants, or they can come from marine creatures like fish. Mushroom toxins, such as those found in the Death Cap mushroom, are examples of fungal-derived NOTS. As a result, strange or unusual mushroom recipes served in international restaurants should be avoided.

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Q3. Which poisoning causes Minamata disease?

  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Iron
  4. Silver

ANSWER: B. Mercury

  • Explanation: Minamata disease (M. d.) is methylmercury (MeHg) poisoning in persons who ate contaminated fish and shellfish discharged in wastewater seafood, from a chemical factory. Sensory abnormalities (glove and stocking type), ataxia, dysarthria, contraction of the visual field, auditory problems, and tremor are all common signs of M. d.


Q4. The maximum permissible level of Arsenic in Milk is _______ ppm by weight?

  1. 0.0
  2. 0.1
  3. 0.2
  4. 0.5

ANSWER – B. 0.1

  • Explanation: Arsenic contamination has also been found in milk. Arsenic is introduced into human and other milk-producing animals’ milk by the ingestion of arsenic-contaminated water or feed. This is known to violate the 0.1 ppm safety limit. Arsenic poisoning from drinking water and eating can lead to cancer and skin sores over time. It has also been linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Q5. The Tolerance limit mg/kg (ppm) amount of Tetracycline in the seafoods including shrimps, prawns or any other variety of fish and fishery products is ________?

  1. 0.0
  2. 0.05
  3. 0.1
  4. 0.15

ANSWER: C. 0.1

  • Explanation: Antibiotics are given to fish to help them grow faster. The first antibiotic licensed for use in fish farms by the USFDA was oxytetracycline. Tetracyclines are hydrophilic and have a low volatile characteristic, allowing them to remain in the aquatic environment for extended periods. Tetracycline has a tolerance threshold of 0.1 ppm in marine foods.

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