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Food Science & Technology Quiz (08-12-2021)

Q1. The nutritional value of protein concentrates is expressed as?

  1. Absorbance coefficient
  2. Cell protein expression
  3. Protein efficiency ratio
  4. None of the above

ANSWER: C. Protein efficiency ratio

  • Explanation – The nutritional value of protein concentrates is expressed as Protein efficiency ratio. Concentrates are nutritionally attractive because of their high protein content, lack of anti-tryptic and other anti-nutritional elements, lack of flatulence, and large “dietary fibre” content. Protein in various forms of concentrates has a somewhat lower nutritional value than soy flour protein, as measured by the Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER).


Q2. The nutritionally valued proteins that form a part of whey are?

  1. α-lactalbumin
  2. β-lactoglobulin
  3. Immunoglobulins
  4. Both A and B

ANSWER – D. Both A and B

  • Explanation: Whey has a number of significant components, the most important of which are the proteins, which are highly recognised for their nutritious characteristics. α-lactalbumin and β-lactoglobulin are the two most important whey proteins. These globular proteins have the widest range of functional advantages and the highest potential for usage in further processed meals.

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Q3. The main drawback of hydrolysates is that it liberates bitter tasting?

  1. Aldehydes
  2. Peptides
  3. Alcohol
  4. All of the above

ANSWER: B. Peptides

  • Explanation: The disadvantage of many protein hydrolysates is that when they are hydrolyzed, most dietary proteins release bitter taste peptides, which might make them unsuitable for several uses. Their average hydrophobicity is linked to their bitterness. Bitterness is determined by the amino acid content and sequence, as well as the kind of protease utilised.

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Q4. Proteins that have been treated with enzymes to break them down into amino acids or shorter peptides are referred to as _______.

  1. Protein hydrolysates
  2. Soy protein isolates
  3. Whey protein concentrate
  4. Soy protein concentrate

ANSWER: A. Protein hydrolysates

  • Explanation – Protein hydrolysates are proteins that have been processed with enzymes to break them down into amino acids or shorter peptides. Protein hydrolysates are valued for their nutritional benefits, such as enhanced bioavailability and decreased antigenecity. In biological systems, several enzymatic alterations of proteins/enzymes are known to occur. Proteins can be modified in this way in vitro to increase their functional characteristics.


Q5. Protein concentrate or isolate have an ________ concentration of proteins by selective removal of the non-protein matter from the source.

  1. Increased
  2. Decreased
  3. Zero
  4. Reduced

ANSWER: A. Increased

  • Explanation: Soy Protein Concentrate is made from high-quality, sound, clean, dehulled soybean seeds that have had the majority of their oil and water-soluble non-protein ingredients removed. It must contain at least 70% protein on a moisture-free basis. The demand for soybean protein concentrates arose largely from two factors: an increase in protein content and an improvement in flavour.

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