Calcium Stearate Is Used As An Anticaking Agent – Food Science

Food Science & Technology Quiz (14/07/2021)

Q1. Calcium Stearate Is Used As An?

A. Anticaking Agent
B. Antifungal Agent
C. Antifoaming Agent
D. Antibacterial Agent

ANSWER: A. Anticaking Agent

  • Explanation: Because Of Its Lubricating And Water-Repelling Characteristics, Calcium Stearate Is Commonly Employed As An Anti-Caking Agent In Food, Cosmetics, And Pharmaceuticals. Calcium Stearate Was The Most Efficient Anticaking Agent In Terms Of Minimising Moisture Sorption, Delaying The Beginning Of Deliquescence, And Maintaining The Flowability Qualities Of The Powders Examined. Calcium Stearate Is Used As An Anticaking Agent.


Q2. Which Of The Following Compounds Is Polyhydric Alcohol?

A. Sorbitol
B. Talim
C. Monelin
D. Bentonite

ANSWER- A. Sorbitol

  • Explanation– Sugar Alcohols, Also Known As Polyhydric Alcohols Or Polyols, Are Sugar Substitutes That Are Found Naturally. Sorbitol Is A Frequently Used Sugar Alcohol That Has Roughly Two-Thirds Of The Calories Of Table Sugar While Still Providing Around 60% Of The Sweetness. Sorbitol Is Found In A Wide Range Of Berries And Fruits (E.G., Apples And Blackberries).


Q3. Carboxymethyl Cellulose Is Used As?

A. Stabilizer
B. Coloring Agent
C. Detergent
D. Emulsifier

ANSWER – A. Stabilizer

  • Explanation– Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC), Often Known As Cellulose Gum, Is A Stabiliser That Affects The Performance Of Water, As Well As The Flow And Texture Of Food. This Substance Is Also Used As A Thickener In A Variety Of Foods And Beverages.


Q4. Locust Bean Gum Is Obtained From The?

A.  Poppy Seeds
B.Carob Tree
C. Seaweeds
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER: B. Carob Tree

  • Explanation: Locust Bean Gum Is A Polymer Derived From The Seeds Of The Carob Tree And Belongs To The Galactomannan Family (Ceratonia Siliqua). This Polymer Has A Number Of Enticing Properties For Biopharmaceutical Applications, The Most Notable Of Which Is Its High Gelling Capacity.


Q5. Macrocytic Pyrifera Is The Source Of?

A. Xanthan Gum
B. Alginates
C. Pectin
D. Carrageenan

ANSWER – B. Alginates

  • Explanation  –  Macrocystis Pyrifera, Sometimes Known As Gigantic Kelp Or Giant Bladder Kelp, Is A Kelp Species That Belongs To The Macrocystis Genus. Alginate Is The Most Common Industrial Product Made From Giant Kelp. Because Of Their Excellent Stability As Thickening And Gelling Agents, Alginates Have A Wide Range Of Applications.


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