Food Science Quiz – In The Bakery Industry, DATEM Is Often Used As

FOOD TECHNOLOGY (17/08/2021)

Q1. In The Bakery Industry, DATEM Is Often Used As?

A. Colouring Agent
B. Anticaking Agent
C. Antimicrobial Agent
D. Emulsifiers

ANSWER – D. Emulsifiers

  • Explanation – The Emulsifiers Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters Of Mono- And Diglycerides (DATEM), Sometimes Known As DATA Esters Or Simply DATA, Are Extensively Used In Baking. They Are Commonly Used In Bread And Fermented-Product Recipes To Help Keep Gas Bubbles Stable And Prevent Them From Coalescing During Processing. In The Bakery Industry DATEM Is Often Used As Emulsifier.


Q2. ______ Is Known As Baker’s Yeast.

A. Brettanomyces Bruxellensis
B. Saccharomyces Exiguus
C. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
D. Yarrowia Lipolytica

ANSWER: C. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

  • Explanation: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Is The Scientific Name For Baker’s Yeast. Baker’s Yeast Is The Common Name For Yeast Strains That Are Commonly Used In Baking Bread And Other Bakery Products. Baker’s Yeast Acts As A Leavening Agent, Causing The Bread To Rise (Expand And Become Lighter And Softer) By Converting The Fermentable Sugars In The Dough To Carbon Dioxide And Ethanol.


Q3. If The Falling Number Of The Flour Is Too Low This Can Lead To The Collapse Of The Sidewall Crusts In Bread, A Phenomenon Referred To By Bakers As _______.

A. Concavity
B. Convexity
C. Tight Dough
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER – A. Concavity

  • Explanation- The Enzyme In Concern Is Naturally Present In Wheat Flour, And Its Activity Is Typically Measured Using The Hagberg Falling Number. The Lower The Falling Number, The Higher The Alpha-Amylase Activity. When The Flour’s Falling Number Is Excessively Low, The Sidewall Crusts In Bread Might Collapse, A Condition Known As Concavity By Bakers.


Q4. Enzyme-Active Soya Flour Has Commonly Been Used In Bread Making As A ________?

A. Sweetener
B. Bread Improver
C. Rising Agent

ANSWER: B. Bread Improver

  • Explanation: Enzyme-Active Soya Flour Is Often Used As A Bread Improver Or As A Basic Material For Bread Improvers In Bread Making. It Absorbs More Water Than Wheat Flour In The Same Amount Of Volume. It Contributes Only A Minor Amount To The Gas-Retention Capabilities Of The Material. However, Its Primary Function Is To Whiten The Breadcrumb By Passing It Through The Oven.  The Naturally Occurring Lipoxygenase Has An Effect


Q5. _______ Is The Measure Of The Number Of Parts Of The Acidic Material Required To Neutralize 100 Parts Of Baking Soda.

A.  Neutralizing Value (N.V.)
B. Falling Number
C. Mixing Tolerance Index
D. Stability Value

ANSWER – A.  Neutralizing Value (N.V.)

  • Explanation – The Overall Amount Of CO2 Generated By Baking Powder Is Proportional To The Amount Of Sodium Bicarbonate In The Mixture, But Only To The Extent That The Baking Acid Can React With It. The Amount Of Baking Acid Necessary To Release All Of The Available Carbon Dioxides From The Sodium Bicarbonate Is Known As The Neutralization Value Of The Acid.


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